The Man with the Rubber Head (1901) Full Movie

The Man with the Rubber Head
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Watch The Man with the Rubber Head (1901) : Full Movie Online Free A chemist in his laboratory places upon a table his own head, alive; then fixing upon his head a rubber tube with a pair of bellows, he begins to blow with all his might. Immediately the head increases in size and continues to enlarge until it becomes truly colossal while making faces. The chemist, fearing to burst it, opens a cock in the tube. The head immediately contracts and resumes its original size. He then calls his assistant and informs him of his discovery. The assistant, wishing to experiment for himself, seizes the bellows and blows into the head with all his might. The head swells until it bursts with a crash, knocking over the two experimenters.

Title The Man with the Rubber Head
Release Date Jan 01, 1901
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction,
Production Company Star Film Company
Production Countries France
Casts Georges Méliès
Plot Keywords laboratory, mad scientist, disembodied head, silent film, short,
Georges Méliès
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